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Can't attend the meeting at 1:00 pm ET on Wednesdays? We are posting audio files of the Healing Message from each week's Wednesday Gathering here.

Healing Messages from each Wednesday Gathering:
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Wednesday, December 28
Subject: "Universal spiritual progress"»

Wednesday, December 21
Subject: "Come before His presence with singing!"»

Wednesday, December 14
Subject: "God's divine adventure"»

Wednesday, December 7
Subject: "Self-government"»

Wednesday, November 30
Subject: "Truly loving our enemies"»

Wednesday, November 23
Subject: "Spiritual post-existence"»

Wednesday, November 16
Subject: "Flood tides of love"»

Wednesday, November 9
Subject: "Moving forward together"»

Wednesday, November 2
Subject: "Who really is governing?"»

Wednesday, October 26
Subject: "Finding inner calm"»

Wednesday, October 19
Subject: "Spiritual pre-existence"»

Wednesday, October 12
Subject: "Influence"»

Wednesday, October 5
Subject: "FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real"»

Wednesday, September 28
Subject: "There is no death, only eternal Life!"»

Wednesday, September 21
Subject: "Paralympic lessons"»

Wednesday, September 14
Subject: "Praying for the children of Nepal"»

Wednesday, September 7
Subject: "The battle is already won"»

Wednesday, August 31
Subject: "Let us re-Member how to Honor, Love and Mother Earth"»

Wednesday, August 24
Subject: "Scientific Christian Science"»

Wednesday, August 17
Subject: "Whence Olympic victories?"»

Wednesday, August 10
Subject: "Blessing God brings healing"»

Wednesday, August 3
Subject: "Walking in the harmony of God"»

Wednesday, July 27
Subject: "God's Gifts"»

Wednesday, July 20
Subject: "Atmosphere of Love"»

Wednesday, July 13
Subject: "Innocence"»

Wednesday, July 6
Subject: "Improving our earthly habitat"»

Wednesday, June 29
Subject: "How do I roll away the stone of materialism in all things - including socio-economic and political issues"»

Wednesday, June 22
Subject: "The greatest and only power in the world"»

Wednesday, June 15
Subject: "The healing of the nations"»

Wednesday, June 8
Subject: "One Shepherd"»

Wednesday, June 1
Subject: "Friendship"»

Wednesday, May 25
Subject: "Divine power"»

Wednesday, May 18
Subject: "Fire safety through divine law"»

Wednesday, May 11
Subject: "Live and declare the works of the Lord"»

Wednesday, May 4
Subject: "Out of wisdom cometh justice and mercy"»

Wednesday, April 27
Subject: "Eyes and sight"»

Wednesday, April 20
Subject: "Remaining innocent of worldly beliefs"»

Wednesday, April 13
Subject: "Trust the Eternal: regarding government"»

Wednesday, April 6
Subject: "The River Euphrates - Divine Science encompassing the universe and man"»

Wednesday, March 30
Subject: "A close encounter...or...atonement -> At-One-Ment"»

Wednesday, March 23
Subject: "Your purpose and usefulness"»

Wednesday, March 16
Subject: "Womens's rights acknowledged"»

Wednesday, March 9
Subject: "God is All in All: No Zika"»

Wednesday, March 2
Subject: "Promises kept"»

Wednesday, February 24
Subject: "Ye are a chosen generation"»

Wednesday, February 17
Subject: "Obedience to divine law"»

Wednesday, February 10
Subject: "Cybertheft: not beyond prayer"»

Wednesday, February 3
Subject: "Beauty, grandeur, honor"»

Wednesday, January 27
Subject: "Prayer"»

Wednesday, January 20
Subject: "Lost and found"»

Wednesday, January 13
Subject: "The demand of Life and Love"»

Wednesday, January 6
Subject: "The Sermon"»


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