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Welcome! We warmly welcome EVERYONE to this midweek "spiritual oasis"! When you enter the conference [if it is before the start of the meeting] we invite you to announce your name and where you are calling from.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

This week's Wednesday Gathering topic:

"Willingness to serve God"

NOTE: The moderator will mute all phones at the beginning of the service so that there is no background noise. Feel free to sing aloud at your home. Later in the meeting, you will be able to unmute your phone if you wish to give a testimony.

Hymn numbers for this gathering*:
324 | 388 | 58
* from the Christian Science Hymnal

Prelude "Whosoever will" Lyrics»

Hymn (click here for words of first hymn)

Healing Message:
From the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

Time for meditation and prayer

Lead in with "In This Very Room"

Silent Prayer followed by praying aloud the Lord's Prayer (click here to follow text during recitation)

Musical interpretation of the Lord's Praye
Eilers version (Joyce Elaine Eilers), sung by David Watson

Hymn (click here for words of second hymn)

Announcing necessary notices (click here for text)

Testimonies of Healing
The congregation is invited to share testimonies of healing through their prayer, study and application of Christian Science. NOTE: Please press *6 buttons (star, six) to manually unmute your phone so that your testimony may be heard by all on the teleconference.

Hymn (click here for words of last hymn)

Postlude "Take my life and let it be"

After the meeting...
You may wish to visit to listen to the online Wednesday meeting conducted by The Mother Church. (Begins just after the end of our Wednesday Gathering.)

You are invited to join the worldwide Bible Study eMail group.

Discuss the Bible and the Christian Science Bible Lesson with others around the world during the week.

New to Christian Science? or life long member? everyone is invited.

Click here for info and sign up.

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Science and Health:*

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* Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, is the definitive statement of Christian Science. It will help you unlock the door to prayer-based healing., and are websites from the Foundation for Prayerful Living.
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