Welcome to the InterACTIVE CHURCH Wednesday mid-day testimony meeting, a worldwide Christian Science teleconference, hosted by Although we are not a branch, we are aligned with The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts.

The web site address for InterACTIVE Church is .

These teleconference midweek testimony meetings are offered each Wednesday at 1:00 pm Eastern time . All are invited to attend. We hope you’ll worship with us here often and invite your family and friends.

As I mentioned at the start of this meeting, we record the readings from each Wednesday Testimony Meeting and make them available on our web site. You may access the audio files of these readings by going to and clicking on the “AUDIO ARCHIVE” link. You may also sign up to receive these weekly readings in the form of a PODCAST where they are automatically downloaded to your computer for playback at your convenience. The audio file of these readings will become available about 1 hour following the conclusion of this service.

Are you a member of the Mother Church? Would you like to serve as a reader for an upcoming InterACTIVE CHURCH Wednesday testimony meeting? We invite you to contact us to volunteer.

The Sentinel Radio program and the Christian Science Bible Lesson are both available 24 hours a day by telephone. Dial 512-703-8010, again the Sentinel Radio program 24 hour phone line is 512-703-8010.

A continuous audio stream of the reading of Science and Health is now located on Go to and look under the “Special Features” heading on the right side of the page.

If you are in need of prayerful help, Christian Science practitioners are available to pray with you. You can locate a directory of Christian Science Practitioners in the back of any issue of the monthly Christian Science Journal magazine or online by going to or

We would like to hear from you. A link for your comments and suggestions is provided on the Order of Service web page.

Notices to be read during the Service may be emailed to Mark prior to the Service. His email address is