This mid-day, Wednesday Gathering at 1:00 pm Eastern time, (or 1800 hours Greenwich Mean Time) is a teleconferenced prayer and gratitude meeting, hosted by the Foundation for Prayerful Living. We are an informal group and this is an open meeting which all are invited to attend

As I mentioned earlier, we record these “healing messages” from each Wednesday Gathering and make them available on our web site. You may access the audio files of these “healing messages” at any time by going to and clicking on the “Wednesday Gathering Audio Archive” link.

If you would like to serve as a reader for an upcoming Wednesday Gathering, we invite you to contact us to volunteer.

The Sentinel Radio program and the weekly Bible Lesson are both available 24 hours a day by telephone.  Just dial

Audio and search links to the Bible and Science and Heath are located on the right side of the homepage.

We are grateful for your financial contributions in support of the Wednesday Gathering and the Foundation for Prayerful Living. A link to donate online may be found on the right side of the homepage.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

If you are in need of prayerful help, Christian Science practitioners are available to pray with you.  You may find a directory of full-time Christian Science practitioners in the back of any issue of the monthly Christian Science Journal magazine. You may access an online practitioner directory at as well, which includes part-time, full-time and full-time Journal-listed practitioners.
We would love to hear from you. A link for your comments and suggestions is provided on the “Follow the Meeting” web page.

Notices to be read during the meeting may be e-mailed to Mark prior to the Wednesday Gathering. His e-mail address is