Long Distance Calling Solutions

Long Distance Calling Solutions

Need ideas in accessing InterACTIVE CHURCH at reasonable long distance rates? The list below provides you with possible solutions:

  • FREE CELL (MOBILE) PHONE MINUTES - Many cellular phone plans provide for free long distance usage on weekends. Check with your cellular phone service provider. If you are calling in using your cellular phone, you may wish to use a headset so that you don't have to hold the phone up to your ear for the duration of the service.

  • LONG DISTANCE CALLING CARDS - try the 99¢ Stores for a $0.01 per minute calling card. [click here for their web site]
  • LINGO - If you live in the USA and have a broadband internet connection, this is the service for you! Lingo is a "VOIP" (voice over internet protocol click here for article from FCC) technology. For a flat $19.95/month charge, you are able to make all of your local calls, calls to anywhere in the USA and Canada AND calls to 17 countries in western Europe AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE AND WITH NO MINUTE RESTRICTIONS! The Lingo box connects to your broadband modem via a router and you use your regular phones. Automatically comes with tons of features like voice mail, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, conference calling. (This is the service I use.) If you sign up for this service, please mention you were referred by Mark Mohlenbrock, eMail address mark@csdirectory.com and YOU and I (CSDirectory.com) will both receive a $25 credit on our bills after you've been signed up for 90 days. Its an easy way to contribute to this project! Plus, currently, the first month is free.
  • For other VOIP options, see article with links from National Public Radio (USA). Click here for article from FCC

  • SKYPE - Skype is a FANTASTIC "peer to peer" telephony service for the internet and is FREE (when you talk computer to computer). This allows you to "Skype" (call) another Skype user and talk to them through your computer. (I use this service too.) Skype works best with a headset - and there are many to choose from (Click here for a good place to buy a headset below list price). You can also "SkypeOut" which means you can call a regular phone number from your computer using Skype for a small charge per minute. See: www.skype.com To use Skype to participate in CS InterACTIVE CHURCH services, click on the link below:

    To participate by phone, call:

    Participant access code:

    To participate by Skype:
    add contact: freeconferencecallhd.5597261300
    At meeting time, "call" this contact on Skype and then enter access code 463846# when prompted

  • CHECK WITH YOUR PHONE CARRIER FOR SPECIAL PACKAGES - You may wish to check with your home telephone carrier to see if they have special plans for calling long distance. (Recently I had a plan through my then carrier, Quest, which allowed me to call anywhere in the USA for 5 cents a minute and capped the charge at $20 per month. www.qwest.com)

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Long Distance Calling Solutions


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