Prayerful Gathering

Wednesday Gathering

Participation Instructions:

Our Wednesday Gathering meetings are held each Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (10:00 am Pacific) 1700 hrs Greenwich Mean Time. We welcome you from anywhere in the world.

To participate by phone, call: 1+712-770-4160
Participant access code: 463846#

To participate by VOIP DIALER:
1. Launch the VOIP DIALER window. Click here»

2. On the VOIP DIALER window enter the phone number “712 770 4160” (NOTE: do NOT put the “1” in front of the 712).
3. Type in the access code 463846 (NOTE: do NOT put the “#” after the number)
4. Type in your first and last name
5. Click on "Place Call"
6. A new screen with “VOIP DIALER player settings” will display
7. Click the allow button (this will connect with your computer microphone and NOT your webcam)
8. The VOIP DIALER will connect to the teleconference.
NOTE: you may mute yourself by pressing the mute button, during the testimony portion you will need to unmute by 1) pressing the mute button and 2) pressing STAR and 6 on the keypad.

  • You only need a telephone or Flash Phone to participate. You may wish to use a headset or a speaker phone. No special phone or equipment is required. To help us minimize background noise, please "mute" your phone (if possible) when you are not speaking. You may wish to follow along with the service by having the "Follow the Meeting" page of this web site open while the church service is going on.

  • If you have entered the conference BEFORE the beginning of the service, we invite you to introduce yourself (example: "Hi this is Jane Doe from Houston, Texas). If the service has begun, please wait to introduce yourself until you are invited to do so later.

  • IF YOU ARE LATE TO THE SERVICE: We welcome you to the service and discussion even if you are late! No "entry chimes" will ring if you are entering late, so you will not disturb the service in progress. We do suggest when you are not speaking please put your phone on "mute", if possible, to help reduce background noise.

  • If you need to leave the conference, just hang up. You may re-enter by redialing the conference call phone number and access code.

  • There is no fee to participate other than the cost of your call from your telephone service provider. Click here of inexpensive solutions to long distance calling.

  • Pressing *6 (star six) on your telephone touchpad serves as a MUTE an UNMUTE button. Please press *6 while you are in the conference and are not speaking. This helps to keep down the background noise transmitted over the phone and enables everyone on the conference to hear better. When you do wish to speak (or participate in the Lord's Prayer, Responsive Reading, etc.) simply press the *6 again to unmute your phone.

Click here for frequently asked questions.

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the Wednesday Gatherings.

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